Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well I've been holding out on some very exciting news. "Little Girl" is now known as Presley (as named by her new owner) and hopefully will be heading to her new home very soon. :) It was important to me to find the "right" home for her and I couldn't think of a better place for this little girl. She will have a cavalier friend, and an owner that will understand her problems and love her unconditionally. In the meantime I've been trying to keep her new "Mom" up to date on the progress she is making. I'm very excited about her new home however I will wait until she chooses to share it before I "officially" announce it on here.

With some time and some one on one attention she has turned into a very sweet little girl. She wants to stay with you at all times and is constantly watching where you are going and what you are doing. A typical cavalier "Velcro dog". It wasn't long ago at all where I could not touch her or approach her without her cowering or running away as fast as possible with her tail between her legs. She still has some "issues" regarding approaching her however with each day she is getting better and better about giving her trust. She will jump up on laps, give kisses, and loves cookies.

Here are some short video's I took to share with her new owner. As you can see she is having a wonderful time here with my girls and has come a long way from the scared, tail between the legs, unable to touch girl I picked up that day. Her tail never stops wagging! In the video's I'm calling her "Sheshe" She came with the name of "He-she" and as you can see she knows it. I couldn't bring myself to call her that name so I had been calling her She She. We're now working on getting her to learn her new name.

Running up to me to get some love. :)

Looking out the big front window.

Taking a Cookie.

Recently we have been adventuring out on walks. This has been a bit of a challenge as I live on fairly busy main road, and WOAH trucks are SCARY business. After we make it off the main road she quiets down very quickly. She is unsure but I think with time and two confident super excited about their walk partners she will hopefully see that walks are something to be enjoyed not stress over!

I still haven't replaced my lens, hopefully tomorrow. Sorry for the crappy quality pictures! It is also pretty close to impossible to walk 3 dogs, and take pictures while two of those dogs (that shall remain nameless) are in a HURRY to get going and enjoy their walk.

A Little Unsure

Looking Around

Zo and Mylee - "Why all the waiting around, Lets GO!"

Presley has also became very good friends with Zo and Mylee. Zo is an independent sort of girl who can be very bossy, protective and possessive. She gets along well with other dogs but in her home she is definitely in charge and makes that very clear to any new dog in our home. She is not a "cuddler" or a "pile'r" like some cavaliers. She prefers to been the Queen of her Castle and hog a bed to herself. So when Zo let Presley cuddle with her I was very surprised and excited. It must mean Miss Presley is good in Zo's books! She has only ever cuddled with Mylee before. Even her boyfriend Charlie doesn't get cuddles from her.

Presley and Zo Share a Cuddle

Mylee is my social love bug. She would prefer if Zo would let her cuddle with her more often. They do cuddle occasionally but not enough for my little red monster's liking. Mylee was an immediate friend to Presley and it is not unusual at night to find them curled up together.

Overall this has been a truly wonderful experience. I love the process of supporting a rescue situation that I believe in. Getting a dog out of a bad situation, rehabbing it, and finding it a wonderful new home. To me rescues should be surrendered into rescue and not purchased from the places that produce them. I have loved having her here and know that her new owner is going to adore this little girl. I will miss her like crazy but I know she is going to the best place possible for her. I know she will keep me up to date on all her adventures and new life. I have a couple more weeks left with her and I'm going to enjoy her while she is here and see her off to her new home. If another dog comes into rescue that I can help along its way I will do the same thing all over again. :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Girl

Well I've been slower getting up an update than I intended, sometimes life just happens and you have to hang on and enjoy the ride!

I have had a very busy span of days here. I went to a very good friends house, visited the farm, babysat an extremely pregnant bitch for a wonderful breeder, helped another friend with picking up a visiting boy from the States to breed to her girl, and am looking after one of "The Jersey Boys" for Joan while she is away. Now known as "Josh" he is 3.5 months old now and keeping me very busy by chasing after him and following up on all of his antics!

Through all of this I have also broken my camera lens. Talk about feeling lost. :( I did decide to dig out my old point and shoot camera for this post. Maybe I will be brave and take some of Josh as well. Very upsetting.

On top of alll of that, and what this post is about....

I'd like to introduce you to "Teesha" or "Little Girl" as I have been calling her. Little Girl is approximately a year and a half years old, and weighed in at a huge 13 lbs at the Vet on Tuesday. She is very sweet, but extremely shy.

Her first night here.

Little Girl came into the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada rescue on Thursday July 8th. She was rescued from an unfortunate situation along with quite a few other Cavaliers. Many of which have been returned to their breeders. Part of being a Club member is adhereing to certain Club rules and ethics surrounding responsible breeding. One of those important rules is being responsible for every dog you breed in the event that something happens and they need to be rehomed. A dog from a responsible breeder will always have a home to return to, and hopefully will have no reason to end up in a shelter or unwanted.

From this unfortunate situation a total of five cavaliers are now in rescue with the CKCSCC. Little Girl will be staying with us for as long as it takes for me to evaluate her health, social well being, and eventually find her a wonderful home.

When I first met Little Girl on the 8th no one could touch her. She was quivering, shaking, panting with stress, and plain scared. You could not approach her or she would run. From our very fast initial evaluation of all the dogs brought into rescue it was clear to me, our rescue coordinator and another experienced breeder that she would need to be carefully rehabilitated before finding her a new home.

I immediately knew that I was in the best position to provide that. Relatively speaking I have a fairly quiet home and two very well socialized girls that could help her learn to become more confident in herself, and proper doggy etiquette. Without a second thought I brought her home and started the journey in allowing her to become a sweet, well mannered, and confident little cavalier.

It has now been just over a week since she has been here and she is quickly turning into a different dog. She is still cautious regarding touch, petting, and approaching her, however she wants to follow you around and keep an eye at all times on where you are. She will let us touch her, give her a belly rub, pick her up, and finally is going out into our yard without assistance. She has yet to have an accident in the house, and is quiet her crate. She has been an absolute joy to have in our home. She is not destructive or disruptive.

Today since she was doing so well I decided it was time to give her a bath. Due to her limitations regarding touch and her being completely unsettled etc here I wanted to wait and not push things with her until she was more settled. After having a cuddle with me on the couch for the last few nights, letting me pet and touch her without her backing off, and another cuddle this morning I figured it was time to tackle another hurdle. The bath and basic groom.

Like I mentioned earlier my lens on my camera is broken so these are taken with my old point and shoot. :( I'm so upset about that still! I will replace it, just haven't yet.

I ran some warm water, quietly picked her up and put her in the laundry tub. I am pleased to say she did absolutely wonderful with her bath. She sat quietly while I scrubbed her from head to tail. I think she enjoyed the massage I give my guys in the bath. As you can see by the colour of the water, she needed it! I had to rinse and fill the tub back up three times before the water was rinsing somewhat clean.

In the Tub

When the bath was completed she was quite happy to let me wrap her in a towel and dry her off. Pink for the princess of course. :)

After the bath it was time to tackle another pressing issue. Her disgusting ears and teeth. With the help of some cheese I successfully introduced her to ear cleaning and teeth brushing.

Cheese is wonderful!

Her ears were an absolute disgusting mess. I made a good start at them as you can see by the picture, however they are not completely cleaned out yet. She was getting a bit upset with the ear cleaning. I can't really blame her at that point as we had dirtied quite a few cotton pads. I will have to go at them again later on. Overall though she was very well behaved since I'm sure her ears were bothering her from being so dirty.

I introduce tooth brushing by allowing my dogs to chew the toothbrush and eat the toothpaste off of the brush. Whatever is in that "chicken" flavoured paste sure tastes good as both of my two love getting their teeth brushed.


I could get used to this tooth brushing thing!

After ear cleaning and tooth brushing, I figured I had pushed it far enough for one day for this girl. I quickly put some of my favourite Vellus Satin Cream on her coat, used some Isle of Dogs grooming spray on her feathers and stuck her in Mylee's drying coat.

All done and clean,

On the couch, with pillows, drying out. Yes my dogs are spoiled!

And a picture of Josh, you can see how he has grown. I hope to do an update on him next. :)


I'm hopeful that little girl will be ready for a new home soon. I am planning on tackling some more "challenges" like going to the park and meeting some strangers in the next week or so. If you know anyone or are interested in this special girl please contact me. She does have a health issue however I am encouraged that it will be fairly easy to maintain and manage. She will need a fairly quiet stable home, maybe with another cavalier or two since she is used to having other cavaliers around. I doubt she will ever be the outgoing, love everyone type like most cavaliers however I am confident she will make a very sweet and loving pet for her family. I can't wait to see how she progresses and grows in personality as she stays here.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario 20th Annual Speciality Show 2010

Well this update has been a long time coming but wow what a week and weekend! I think I am still recovering from all of the excitement and the show day. I know my skin is as I was pretty badly sun burnt from taking pictures even with sunscreen on. It was worth it though. :)

Over 90 dogs competed in the Specialty held at Brinklow Hill in Campbellville Ontario. After having an extremely wet and soggy setup the Saturday before the show it was mostly all rained out by the time we got started. As the show progressed we experienced everything weather wise from over cast, extreme humidity, occasional nice breezes, sunshine, and at the very end of the day some rain. The specialty was judged by Miss Maritza Morrison with the kennel affix Lewisisle. Overall she did a wonderful job and we are looking forward to having her critiques of the day soon.

As you all know I've been working hard with a very special girl to me.. Mysticmoon's Dancing Queen (Becky) getting ready for this show. We were slightly disappointed to find out on the day that it was just Becky and I in a class of one. Regardless all of our hard work had certainly paid off as Becky behaved herself and performed beautifully in the ring with me. The judge awarded us first place in our class. Even though Becky was the only one in her class a first place award does not necessarily have to be given out if the judge feels that it lacks merit or unwarranted. It doesn't happen often, however it has happened at our Specialty shows in the past. I'm sure the entire crowd heard my sigh of relief as I accepted our first place ribbon graciously. I don't think there would be anything quite as embarrassing as not winning in your class of one!

We went later into the ring to compete for Winners Bitch and Reserve Winners Bitch where I felt she performed even better for me in the ring. She did not take WB or RWB but it would have been highly unlikely given the level of competition in the ring at that point. I am so thrilled with this girl and if given the opportunity I would love to show her again. We will see what the summer brings. :) I'd like to give a huge thank you to her owners Debbie and David Souch for letting me worth with their girl and drive her to handling classes for me, and letting me invade their home to practice and work with her. It has been a fun journey that I think we have all benefited from. Dogs and people both!

The main results of the CFSO show are, courtesy of The Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario;

Best of Breed:
# 99 Ch. Timberridge Lil Sister (Bl)
Best Opposite Sex:
# 96 Stonehaven's Muddy Waters (B & T)
Best of Winners:
# 74 Orchard Hill Never Say Never (Tri)
Best Puppy In Show:
# 30 Karlee Peglen Rumbunctous (Bl)
Best Canadian Bred & Best Bred By Exhibitor:
#39 Ch. Cempa Carly Who's So Vain (Bl)
Judge's Award of Merits:
# 15 Ch. Shirmont Rhapsody in Blue
# 30 Ch. Cempa Carly Who's So Vail (Bl)

A more comprehensive list of winners can be found at the following link;
Show Results

Now for the part that most people are probably wanting to see. The pictures! I took over 300 pictures of the day and got some pretty good shots. I can definitely see my photography has improved with my camera between last year and this year. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the show after the 12-18 month old bitch class where Becky and I competed, and none of the Specials.. Best of Breed, Best of Winners Etc as I was asked very late in the day to handle during that class. Here are some of my favourite shots that I did get though.

One of my favourite parts of the show is the Oldtimer's Fun Match and the Veterans. These are dogs that are between 7-9 years of age, and 9 and up. You can really tell how some of them LOVE to show and are enjoying every minute of being in the ring.

All of the over 9's together

Onto the young guys...

I wish I could handle as well as this young girl and her dog!

Cempa's President's Choice

A Barrington puppy working hard in the ring!

One of the Brinklow Crew

Beautiful movement

The Princess on her throne, relaxing before her class.

In the ring while the judge was making her comments. A big thank you to Gwenne August for the picture.

Our class prize. All class winners received two beautiful wine classes that are engraved with a silhouette of a cavalier and the CFSO 20th Anniversary. We also received a bottle of wine that was bottled here in Ontario by our own talented winemaker herself Peggy Wallace at Burbrook Cavaliers Mylee wanted to help model the picture.

As customary at the end of our specialty we always hold a raffle of sorts. Almost everyone contributes something big or small to a huge prize table and then tickets are drawn at the end of the day and you can pick something off the table in order of the tickets been drawn. It is a great and fun way to fund raise money for the Club. Like usual I spend about $30.00 in tickets and if I am lucky I win one thing off the table. This year like usual I didn't win anything off the table, however my good friend Bonnie Sands at Jewelcroft Cavaliers has much better luck than I do.

I'm still not sure why she gave me her winning ticket for the draw table but I am still OVERJOYED about it. On the table there was a beautiful book set donated by Judy MacArthur of Carriagehill Cavaliers. Some of you may recognize this book set. It is the Presentation Set: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: A Tribute in Art written by Barbara Garnette Wilson. This is a book set that any cavalier owner would love to have in their collection. It is something that I have been wanting for a very long time, just never had the money to splurge for. With that winning ticket from my good friend Bonnie I knew exactly what I wanted off the table!

Zoey and Mylee wanted in on the picture this time.

I can't thank Bonnie and Judy enough for their kindess. The books and the story behind them will be very treasured and loved in my home.

I think that is about it for my very long winded update. Next up for the CFSO? Putting together our CKCSCC National Speciality which this year is going to be held in Woodstock Ontario. I am planning to attend with my camera and of course will be very active once again in helping our club get ready for it. I also might be showing that special black and tan girl i've gotten to know so well. We will see, that will be up to her owners!