Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snood Making

Anyone who has a breed with long ears knows that a snood is essential when feeding anything really messy unless they want to be spending the next hour or so washing and brushing ears to get everything that has collected in there after they are finished. I happen to love making snoods. I've always loved patterns and colours, and my Mother who is a wonderful quilter often says I have a good eye for colour and design.

I was never interested in sewing much until I had dogs, no matter how hard she tried my Mom did not succeed in teaching me while I lived at home how to sew. The practical part of me is cheap and resourceful. I *hate* spending money on something, and even worse when it is something I think I could do better. So I started learning how to sew. Much to my surprise all of those years of my Mom sewing has absorbed into me. Its been fairly easy for me to pick up and as I do more of it I'm getting better at it. My first thing I ever made was a snood. They are really quite easy with some basic sewing skills. I love that they go together quickly and you can soon see the outcomes of your effort.

When we went up to pick up Molly from Karen's, Karen suggested visiting a local Mennonite fabric shop. She knows how much my Mom likes to sew. Some people like to shop for shoes, some people for clothes.. my Mom? Fabric. I can only typically go into one store at a time with her. There is only so much fabric I can handle! So we ventured out and finally found this little fabric store in a typical farm shed. The little store was packed ceiling to floor with all kinds of fabric. While waiting for my Mom to finish, Karen and I decided that we needed some fabric to make snoods with. She is short some and I find they make good little gifts for Cavalier people. I found this amazing "blingy" "showy" fabric. Black with gold shiny stars, black with silver, blue with silver, and a tanish with gold/silver. If a cavalier has to wear a snood may as well make it fancy!

Well I finally decided to cut up my fabric and start stitching as Mom would say. Here is the results of my first one. My poor dogs are so abused. The horror in making them model and pose *with* a snood on.

Finished product

Mylee is usually my most co-operative model. That is why you often see her modeling for me. Poor girl adores me so much that she will let me do pretty much anything to her and still come flying with her tail wagging when I call her. Silly girl.

Get it over with if you must...I'll help by looking cute.

Dude seriously? Don't I usually get food when you put this on me? Miss demanding self proclaimed Princess is seldom cooperative unless there is something good in it for her.

If there is no food involved, get me off of here.. now.

and a pretty picture of Molly my sister took on the back deck.. just because shes cute!

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  1. LOL! that is so cute!!! I've heard of snoods but never seen them before. How funny they look, like little grandmas. They are a great idea though. Jaspers ears carry lots of little bits of food and then he'll start eating his ear....yuk! Must get some of those.