Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've had a number of visitors to this blog looking for snoods in Ontario and in Canada. I've also had a few people contact me and ask about the ones I have made. I'm very flattered with all the wonderful positive feedback regarding my snoods.

From those compliments I wanted to let you know that if you are wanting a snood for your Cavalier or any long eared breed for that matter I am now very confident in their quality and workmanship that I would be willing to sell them to those interested.

My snoods are a bit unique in the fact that I have designed them specifically for Cavaliers. Unfortunately many Cavaliers are very sensitive to having anything around their head, neck, and ears. It was especially a concern to me as my little Mylee suffers from chronic neurological pain. More on that another day. Anytime a snood was put on her she hated it and was very uncomfortable. I stopped putting them on her as it just wasn't worth it. I wanted her to be able to wear one comfortably as one of my favourite treats to give my dogs is a raw marrow bone. Picking dinner out of her ears was one thing, but bacteria from raw bones... ew!

It has taken me several attempts to perfect something that may seem easy to some. If you have bought any snoods you will know that they definitely are not created equally no matter if they are beautifully made or not. I make my snoods with the softest elastic I can find. This ensures that they stay on, but are loose enough to not cause pain and discomfort to those wearing them. I prefer the two elastic kind without the third elastic in the middle, although I can make those as well. The two elastic kind again is much better for those sensitive to wearing them.

As you can see Mylee has no issue wearing them at all anymore, and is quite happy to model them for me! :)


I haven't really firmly priced them but I am thinking $7.00 plus shipping for the 2 elastic kind, and $12.00 for the 3 elastic kind. The type of snood with the 3 elastics essentially take almost double the amount of material to make.

Here are some samples of the material I have. If you decide you'd like one and do not see something you like here, let me know. I have access to the best fabric store in the Country. (Mom's sewing room) :)

Orange with Swirls (LOVE this fabric)


Blue with Sparkly silver Stars


Black with silver BLING

Pink and Brown textured

Black with Gold BLING (my favourite fabric of all time for snoods so far)

Purple patterned


Kodee and Becky from Bark'n About wearing their Embee Bling Snoods!

Friday, September 24, 2010

What's in a Name

This is something i've been meaning to share for a few weeks now. My kennel name was finally officially registered with the Canadian Kennel Club back in August. When I made this blog several months ago my application for a kennel name was already in progress. I was expecting it to take a few months, as in 2 or 3. A few months turned into more than a few months.. then into seven months, and finally in the middle of August my long awaited Kennel registration finally arrived!


I was starting to get very concerned as by that point I had heard of several people who did not get their first choice in name and even ended up with their third and final pick. I started to get incredibly worried that "Embee Cavaliers" was not going to be. I didn't mind my second and third choice, but they just weren't quite as suited to "me" as this one is. By that point I had made this blog, and submitted my information to go in with a few breeders for the Dogs in Canada Annual which is a huge publication put out yearly with information on how to find a reputable breeder and legitimate Canadian Kennel Club registered breeders. A lot was riding on this silly certificate! So it's here and I am thrilled at finally feeling official.

Like all kennel names there is a story/reason why I picked this name. Some of my breeding friends had said when you do pick your name to make sure that you keep it short and easy to pronounce. That way when you register a puppy with your kennel name you have more letters to play with that aren't your actual kennel name.

I've had a lot of people ask me what the heck my name means. Once you say it out loud, and have known me for awhile, for most it is easy to figure out. Almost everyone that I am good friends with calls me by my initials of "MB". I even tend to sign my emails with "MB". My real name is Mary Elizabeth which was shortened to Mary Beth, and then once again shortened to MB. Embee is a play on those initials. Hopefully soon the first litter of Cavaliers will be produced with the Embee affix attached to their names.

Zo is acting freakishly similar to her last breeding. It is still early for any concrete signs to be showing yet. I am going to opt for an ultrasound in two and a half weeks or so. No sneaky false pregnancies to drive me crazy this time!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CKCSCC National Speciality

Well another National Specialty has come and gone, and I can truthfully say that I am still in recovery mode. This show weekend is going to be one that sticks with me in my mind for a long time to come.

The weekend started on Thursday night when my friends bitch decided to finally go into labour. We knew that she was due within days of the National and could realistically go a few days before, or even during. She picked Thursday night of course when all the last minute details that needed to be done regarding the welcome bags, donations for the sales table, picking up my dog, and getting packed to go needed to be completed.

I rushed down to her place and we waited patiently for her to get down to business. By 2am it was becoming very clear that she was a girl that was having a lot of trouble. Things were not progressing as they should have and some decisions needed to be made and soon. By 2:30am we had called her Vet and put an emergency c-section into plan. Cavaliers are for the most part very good and productive whelpers. Sometimes like other breeds they need some help in the form of a c-section.

For us, in this case, it definitely was the right call as the tissue in the uterine horns was starting to become necrotic(dying) and the puppies were all trying to come out at once essentially making everyone very stuck! Given too much longer we very easily could have lost her entire litter. Fortunately her c-section resulted in four very healthy whole colour puppies. Two ruby boys, and two black and tan girls. They all came out very strong, and raring to go.

Home all of two minutes from the Vet. Everyone nursing strong and Mom recovering well.

All lined up at the milk bar

By this point is is 7:00am and I am to be at the National Specialty by 11am to help setup and hand out the Welcome Swag bags that I posted about a few days ago. I had also planned on entering Molly in the fun conformation seminar and match they had scheduled for the afternoon. By the time I got home it was after 8:00am and I had the worlds biggest headache, compounded by the fact that I hadn't slept, and of course hardly any of my welcome bags were packed, my stuff wasn't packed, Molly wasn't bathed, and her stuff wasn't packed. YIKES.. not a great way to start a busy weekend.

I took some ibuprofen, jumped in the shower, and then proceeded to pack up 45 of the 70 bags that needed to be packed for the show. After packing all those bags and having a headache that would.not go away I decided that I had better lay down for a bit. It was about 10am and there was absolutely no way I was going to have my little car packed, the welcome bags done, my own stuff packed and have Molly ready to be entered into a fun match. I was in no shape to drive even if I had a chance at getting there on time. I laid down for a few hours and even though my body was completely over tired and exhausted I of course after the stressful night of events couldn't fall asleep right away. I finally managed to get a few hours sleep, got my car packed to the roof, got Molly's stuff packed and made my way to Woodstock ON, arriving around 5pm. Well after I should have been there. So the Welcome Bags were late to the show. For the most part people were very understanding as to why. After all they are almost all breeders themselves!

There was still much work to be done on Friday night in regards to getting ready for the next day. After having some wonderful help to fill the remainder of the Welcome Bags, handing out the yearbooks, and having the AGM. I stuck around to help setup for the next days events. We put prizes together, moved chairs and tables around, cleaned up the mats and did any thing that needed to be done. By 10pm I was finally heading up to my room to bath and get Molly ready to be shown. At 12:30am Joan (my roomie for the weekend) and I were walking over to Tim Hortons to eat my first meal since Thursday night.

Saturday morning of course came bright and early (although a bit later than planned). I had wanted to set an alarm the night before as I had Molly entered in puppy sweepstakes which started at 8am. Joan said don't worry my alarms (the dogs) would have us up by 6am and no later! I guess even the dogs were tired as they decided to have a sleep in and slept until 6:50! So once again the morning started later than I intended. I did manage to get Molly down to sweeps and had a great time in her class by myself. She was paying attention and showing well so I was happy regardless. :)

Molly's class finally rolled around in the afternoon and I was exhausted but looking forward to it. We only had one other girl in her class 15-18 months but I was hoping for the same type of performance she gave to me in Sweeps. The CKCSCC National Specialty this year was judged by Mark Sedgwick of Pascavale Cavaliers in the UK. I was very proud when he judged us as first in our class. Molly showed just beautifully and had a lot of fun int he ring.

It may not seem like much to some but this was my first legitimate win in the ring against competition. Zo hated to show and always placed last. Mylee we only managed to do two shows when she was a puppy before she was unable to be shown anymore. So I was thrilled to pieces. With that win it meant that Molly had to go back into the ring four more times that day. I showed her in Winners Bitch, Best Canadian Bred, Best Black and Tan, and was very flattered when the owner of her father asked us to participate in the Stud dog class. She didn't take any of those major classes however all of them were wonderful experiences for both of us and she showed beautifully in all of them.

We received so many kind words and compliments. Some people will find it very silly but I decided to get a win photo done of us to remind me of the wonderful day we had and my first legitimate class win. That and I like to support the show photographers who work hard and make very little. It didn't scan very well, and she is a bit posted on her front but I think it is a beautiful picture regardless. The photographer would have liked to have captured her sweet little face but as us aspiring photographers know it is very hard to properly photograph a black and tan cavalier. The ones with her facing the camera just weren't turning out the way I wanted so we ended up going with this profile shot instead. I cut myself out of course!

Molly's Show Photo

So the final results for the CKCSCC National ended up being the following; thank you to Elin Becker for the results. I didn't even manage to record them in my catalog. I was too busy watching the welcome bags and yearbooks.

Judge Pat Harris, Fianna - Puppy Sweepstakes

Best in Sweeps:Rose Arbor Hoochie Koochie, Glenn & Linda McKinnon (Sheryane Adonis X Rose Arbors Angle Eyes)
Best Opposite to Best in Sweeps: Cempa' s President's Choice, Marianne Creary (Timsar Mister Moonlighter x CAN CH Brinklow Amberjill at Cempa)

Cavalier King Charles Club of Canada National Specialty in Woodstock Ontario; Results
Judge Mark Sedgwick, Pascavale Cavaliers
WD, BOW:Avalcier Princeton, E&R Venier; Mr.& Mrs. Li (Pascavale Jamie x Avalcier Electra)
RWD:Miletree Northern Star, Bruce & Shirley Henry (Aranel Cosmic x Miletree Bedtime Wish)
Veteran Dog:CAN CH Grantilley Requisition, Jean Tremblay (Grantilley Maldoon x Grantilley Cathedral
WB, BOS:Grantilley Here Comes Annie, Lana Adair (Grantilley Take That x Grantilley Spring Affair)
RWB:Rose Arbor Hoochie Koochie (see Best in Sweeps)
BOB:CAN CH Milkeyn Sheer Inspiration, C. Ann Eckersley & Susan O'Connor (Cinderlace Cromwell x Milkeyn Sheer Gem)

Thank you to the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario, and all the volunteers for making the weekend a success. The CFSO hosted a regional specialty on Sunday. By this point I had just had it and was completely overtired and exhausted. The smart thing would have been to pull out and go home. Molly and I of course stuck around until the end to help clean up. I know all the other volunteers were feeling just as exhausted as I was so that wouldn't have been fair to anyone for us to bail early.

Molly showed horribly and was a bit of a menace in the ring. I know she was feeding off me, and was tired herself! It had already been one heck of a weekend. The show the day before was only her second time in the ring. I do have results of the CFSO somewhere. When I find them I will post them!

I was so busy I really didn't have much of a chance to take any pictures at all! If anyone has some great ones to share with me I'd love to see them. Here is some of the very few I did get. All taken on Sunday I believe.

The Cavalier sales table

Silent Auction Table where I managed to get outbid on everything I bid on! I was waiting to head in the ring at the same time it was closing.

Controlled chaos in the hall outside the main ring room



Thank you to one of our sponsors, Royal Canin for supporting our show.

I may show Molly one more time before the snow flies but other than that I think we are done for this year. She has some growing up and maturing to do. We have lots of time to work towards her Canadian Championship when she has matured and filled out a bit. Maybe by next summer we will aim for the rings once again. I hope you enjoyed my whirlwind recap. I'm getting tired again just thinking about the weekend!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Show Time

It's almost that time again. That time where everyone is busily getting ready and preparing. Last minute details are being put into place. Dogs are out in the ring getting some experience with showing. Owners are putting those last finishing touches on training, and crossing their fingers for a special day.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada's National Specialty is once again upon us. This year it is being hosted right in my back yard by my local breed club the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario. Each year the Specialty show moves in location and different Cavalier clubs have the opportunity to host it. Last year it was in Nova Scotia, the year before that Oshawa, Ontario, and the year before that Prince Edward Island. Next year it will be held out in beautiful British Columbia.

The pertinent details for this year;

September 17th, 18th, and 19th
Quality Hotel and Suites
580 Bruin Boulevard
Woodstock, Ontario

Friday is obedience trials, conformation handling and fun match, and the CKCSCC AGM.

Saturday is puppy sweepstakes, junior handling, and the CKCSCC National Specialty. The National Specialty Judge will be Mark Sedgwick of Pascavale Cavaliers from the United Kingdom.

Sunday is the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario Regional Specialty.

More detailed information can be found on the CFSO website or by clicking HERE.

All Cavalier lovers are more than welcome to attend. Come out and meet some breeders, owners, and see some beautiful examples of our breed! If you do come, please leave your Cavalier at home. At a dog show only dogs that are being exhibited should be on the grounds. As hard as it is to leave our dogs at home when they love to come and be with us, having other dogs ringside is often a distraction to the dogs who are competing. It only takes one or two seconds to have a ton of training, work, and effort go out the window. You don't want it to be your dog responsible for that.

I hope to see you there! I'm looking forward to a great weekend of Cavaliers. Having fun with friends, meeting new friends, and seeing people you don't often get to see.

As everyone has been busy getting ready, there have been no exceptions around here. I have also been busy getting ready for this weekend. Part of my job as being a member of the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario was to work with Zoey's breeder Bonnie Sands of Jewelcroft Cavaliers on the welcome "swag" bags given to each exhibitor. Bonnie deserves most of the credit for the "stuff" going into the bags. She is definitely talented at encouraging others to make contributions. I'm a bit more shy and reserved and it certainly is not my strength to approach others for donations. She always tells me the worst they can say is no. ;) To my credit I did manage to get a wonderful donation from Ren's Pet Depot.

I will however be responsible for packing the bags, delivering them, and then handing them out on the days of the show. My front hall is fast becoming full of swag bag stuff. I think I have most of it now, just missing an awesome donation of snoods that will also make their way into the bag.

My front hall, with a little red dog who I think is trying to tell me she wants a bath. She loves being in that giant box of shampoo donations from Pet Empire

A sneak peak at the "Swag Bag"

Donations greatly received from;

Royal Canin
Ren's Pet Depot
Pet Empire
Global Pet Foods
Eastlake Cavalier Club
Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada
Donna Robillard - Winrob Cavaliers (snoods)
Peggy Wallace - Burbrook Cavaliers

and thank you to Joan Macintyre and Elaine Ellis for pressing and ironing all of those beautiful tea towels.

The welcome bags are looking amazing due to all of your help and contributions. Thank you.

Along with the welcome bags i've been making some snoods to go on the sales table. A few of these snoods are going on a journey to some friends by mail, some will be making a lonnnng journey. ;) Some are also going to a good breeder friend. All and all though it has been snood city around here. My little old machine is getting a workout.

My little old machine that is very special to me. It is from my Grandmother who is no longer with us. It was the only sewing machine she ever had. My Mom who is an incredible sewer learned on it. Now I am learning on it.

14 Snoods! Large, Medium, and Small in that order of piles. A bunch more to make.

Mylee modeling a Mylee sized snood. :) (small) for puppies or little cavaliers like Mylee.

Hope to see everyone in Woodstock!

Keep your fingers crossed for this cute little face not to make flying leaps in the air on the diagonal. ;) I will of course have my camera with me. We'll see how many pictures I manage. It is always a very busy weekend.