Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Around here Halloween has been everything from dress up and humiliate the dogs, to having a doggy Halloween party, to just staying home and handing out candy. In London I had some wonderful local doggy friends that I met through the North London dog park. We'd meet every afternoon in the rain, snow or shine and let our dogs have a wonderful playtime together. It was great socialization for the dogs, and me too! I really miss them living here in Milton, and I especially miss them at times like this when we had specific events that make me think of them.

I was looking back through the last few Halloween years with the dogs and realized I have quite a few fun pictures to share. I also spent most of tonight torturing my guys by dressing them up. Miss Molly is visiting for a few days so that I can get some show training in with her. So she got to be subject to doggy torture as well. I'm still having trouble getting pictures of her. Her dark colouring makes her really hard to photograph!

Tomorrow they will be going as Toronto Maple Leaf fans. Kids love seeing them dressed up and they love to say "hi" on Halloween night. From safely behind an x-pen of course. The Halloween decorations are up, the candy is purchased.. now fingers crossed that we get some trick or treaters!

Zo as a Caterpillar - Not quite a year old and her first Halloween! This is also one of my all time favourite pictures of her.

Mylee's first Halloween as a Lady Bug

Zo was a bunny.

We had a wonderful dog park Halloween party at my house in London due to the rain. It was our last get together there before we moved to Milton

Charlie went as Batman, Tyson was Robin but I don't seem to have a good picture of that!

Crystal drank too much Pomtini, a police woman should know better!

Zo's bestest pal Bella the beagle. Bella taught Zo how to be a true Beagle and sniff out every treat, and beg for cookies with the best of them. Zoey really misses hanging out with Bella and I miss her Mom!

From tonight, My little Toronto Maple Leaf Fans


Mylee looking very scary!

Mylee the pro at modelling. If you sit really still it is over really fast. These two haven't mastered the art of doggy modelling yet!

A dress, are you kidding me?

Our lights outside

Happy Halloween everyone!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cute Video

I wanted to share a cute video link that was sent to me by a wonderful friend. Makes me motivated to dig out our clicker and start working with my very food oriented girls, especially on a rainy day like today! All of his training was by positive reinforcement and a clicker.

There is quite a few neat little videos on youtube of this smart little guy. Here is a link that goes to all of them.

Just Jesse

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mylee Monster

My little red monster turned 3 today! It is hard to believe that it has been that long, and at the same time it feels like she has been here forever. Mylee is very special to me and I am so thankful to have her in my life. I appreciate every day that her breeder entrusted her into our care.

She is completely different from her older tri sister. If you looked up Princess in the dictionary you would definitely see Mylee sitting gracefully on her throne. She prefers to survey her subjects from up high, and have them dancing to her tune in no time at all. I don't mind being bossed around by a little red dog. :)

She is 100% completely in love and devoted to me. As far as she is concerned she should be my one and only. If I am sitting down, she is on my lap. If I am cleaning the house, she is my little shadow. She started my love of whole colours and will be my complete inspiration as I move into a future of hopefully breeding beautiful healthy whole colour cavaliers. You really have no idea what you are missing until you have a whole colour in your life. They really are a whole new world!

For her birthday the Princess would definitely want an entire blog post featuring her and her pictures. Of course as her faithful subject I will gladly oblige. I picked out some pictures I've taken over the past three years. I definitely enjoyed going back through some of them.

The sweetest little ruby girl.

Right from the start she was hard to take pictures of!

At less than a year old she had already decided that male cavaliers were wonderful, and they were especially fun to flirt with.

She is a wonderful friend to all of the cavaliers who have visited. She takes her job of being the official welcoming and comfort committee very seriously.




She can be a vicious little hunter and after the sun goes down is very demanding to go outside every 15-30 minutes. After all when it is dark is the best time to hunt! Her total is 2 bunnies, 3 mice, and several "almosts" on those evil chippies(squirrel's).

She loves to wrestle with Zo on the rug. Known as "wrestle mania" around here. She would consider herself a Indianapolis Colts Fan. Go COLTS Go! Football and wrestle mania often happen together at the same time.

More often than not, my little red Princess can be found doing what she does best. Loving and cuddling with her favourite person in the entire world... Me.

We celebrated today with another of her favourite things. A big knuckle bone just for her. I think the Princess approves.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mylee and her "Chewy"

It has always somewaht amazed me that despite living under the same roof and receiving the same care in terms of their teeth my girls have completely different looking mouths. You'd swear one was having their teeth brushed several times a day, and one had never been introduced to a toothbrush at all! They are that far apart from each other. Just like people who have good teeth and those who don't, dogs are all different.

In an attempt to put off a dental for a few more months for Zoey, I have been trying out Checkup Dental Treats from Costco. They've been having them pretty much everyday for over a month and I must say that I have been very impressed. In terms of ingredients there isn't much in them and the dogs seem to really enjoy them as you will see by the videos. Definitely something to get super excited about! They don't last long if you are looking for an actual chew rather than a treat.

Most importantly though Zo's teeth have made a remarkable improvement in terms of tartar and plaque build up. She is still going to need a proper dental but I feel better knowing that i've found something that will help with our brushing schedule and hopefully keep them as clean as possible as she gets older.

My demanding Princesses have come to expect their daily chewy and get very excited when they hear the bag. When Mylee is excited or happy she makes very high pitched little yips. Very rude, not proper doggy rules, but incredibly cute. I love that she is so overjoyed that she has to tell the world about it. We have had times where my little Mylee hasn't felt well enough to enjoy her life. I treasure each day with her that she is feeling so well and happy. I am in process of writing her story. Its a hard one for me to tell but it is one I'd like to share. Hopefully in the next few days or so.

She also makes similar little yips if she feels that she has been forgotten. Zo was here first so I always tend to feed Zo first, give Zo her cookie first, and give her her chewy first. Mylee would really like for that rule to change around here! She fully believes she should be the only object of my attention and that everything should be about her first. She is so cute though that she gets away with it, and it really does make me smile.

This first video is of me giving Zo her chewy first. I asked them to stay, and used our release word of OK. Zoey is great at her stays and only needs one command when Mylee isn't in the picture. I have to keep repeating the word stay as Mylee tends to jump the gun and come running full tilt yipping the entire way. As she does true to form in this video regardless of the extra commands. lol. Obedience dog she is not!

Zo gets her chewy and goes into the living room.

This is the performance from Mylee after she didn't get hers. So bad but entirely too cute for her own good. I swear if she could talk she'd be giving me what for. "Where is MINE?" "I can't believe you just did that!" "Look I know she has one in the living room behind me!" "Seriously woman, what the HECK?!"

Yes she is definitely a spoiled girl.

I hope everyone had a wonderful fall weekend. I'm still fighting a cold that I have had for over a week. I hope by next weekend I'm finally feeling better. I'm scheduled to put in eye drops at our yearly Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario eye clinic where we bring in an Opthamologist to do CERF certifications for breeding cavaliers and pets. Eye health in cavaliers is very important so if you are looking for a puppy make sure that it is from parents who have had a recent eye exam by an Ophthalmologist.

This year we are also putting on a heart clinic at the same time, in partnership with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada Health and Education Committee. Since it is many of the same people who are on the Health and Ed committee who organize and volunteer at the eye clinic for CFSO it just made sense. Like eyes, yearly MVD clearances by board certified CARDIOLOGIST (not a regular vet) are absolutely essential. I hope to take some pictures. We are booked solid for both and I'm guessing over 60 dogs booked for each. Should be a wonderful day.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Sleep Sweet Big Guy

Yesterday was a very hard day for my family. We said Goodbye to our much loved German Shepherd Riely.

Riely came into our lives about 5 and a half years ago. He was 5.5 years old. His elderly owner had passed away, and poor Riely was not doing well in my brother's good friends house with a bunch of other dogs. He had went from being King of his castle to having his entire world turned upside down. He was not eating, he was aggressive with those who tried to take him from his house, and he was very depressed.

My family had been somewhat searching for a dog to replace my Belgian Sheepdog "Leo" who had passed away months earlier. On a farm a dog is not only a pet, but an absolute necessity and a key member of the family. They alert when someone arrives, and also are a big deterrent for equipment and tools to stop walking off on their own. (being stolen in the night.) Since the passing of Leo several things had went missing from our sheds and workshop. We needed to find a dog for the farm.

My brother David knew this. He also saw Riely's situation when he went to visit his good friend and it was determined that he would be so much happier living on the farm with my family. The problem was my Mother was terrified of most dogs and especially scared of German Shepherds. Dave called and told her that he was bringing home a Collie x Shepherd so that my Mom wouldn't freak before she met him. After all she thought Collie's were beautiful. Needless to say he was the funniest looking Collie x Shepherd any of us had ever seen!

After settling in it didn't take Riely long to decide he absolutely loved the country and farming life. It also didn't take long for Riely to decide that my Mom and Brother were his favourite people in his life and needed to be protected fully. He didn't care that my Mom was scared of him. He watched her and followed her around like her own personal security system. My brother David moved to Calgary not long after and Riely became even more attached to my Mom. As much as my Mom would never admit it, Riely was 100% devoted and in love with her. He really didn't care that well for anyone else. He still barked in alert at my other brother and father when they came in the driveway. In fact the first time I met Riely he wasn't even going to let me in the house! It took me several years of bringing home tasty cookies, and stinky sticks(bully sticks) for Riely to be happy to see me when I visited.

Protecting his new home and family was the most important thing to him and he did it very well. He adored having a job and took it very seriously. In his younger days he would make patrols around the property making sure everything was ok. Even as his body was failing him he still made every effort to follow my Mom wherever she went.

He was also incredibly loving and kind to my Cavaliers. I'm not sure if it was because they were little and they were girls or what, but he was so patient with them. When I first got Zoey no one was sure of how Riely would react. We had never seen him with other dogs, and we knew that he did not particularly get along well with other male large dogs. I was worried but knew that they needed to meet and hopefully get along. I enjoy visitng my family and I especially enjoy bringing my dogs when I do. You'll see by the pictures below that Zoey could pretty well get away with anything. Zoey quickly decided that Riely was wonderful. She loved to crawl all over him and lick his ears. Later on she'd boss the poor guy around and convince him to let her eat his dinner, and any cookies he might have. Always the gentleman he'd graciously let her eat her heart out. Much to my dismay.

My family and I will for sure miss the big guy and the large role he played in our lives. I know my Mom will especially miss him. There is no doubt in my mind he will be looking down over his farm, his family, and especially his favourite person.

A beautiful shot of Riely taken by my sister

Zo as a baby and Riely


His sweet intelligent face

What is a farm dog without a John Deere bandanna?

One of our last walks together. My brother was home from Calgary and took this shot on our walk. Riely wasn't doing well at this point but wouldn't be told he couldn't come. It just made things worse. So we went slow and steady for him.

Doing what he loved to do best. Protecting and keeping a watchful eye.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful FUR Thursday

One of my most favourite pictures of my girls. Look how itty bitty my little red monster was!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful furry Thursday. The weather here is beautiful so we are going to head out and enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CKCSCC and the fight to reduce Syringomyelia in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One of the areas Cavalier owners are very fortunate to have here in Canada are some incredibly conscientious hard working breeders. For three years now a dedicated group of breeders have been participating in Syringomyelia initiatives, and trying to answer the many questions that surround this disease. So much progress and questions have been answered in those three years, however there is still a ton of information that is not known.

Back in August I wrote a post entitled "Tooting your Own Horn" in regards to our Club and its members and how proud they should be of what has been accomplished here in Canada. That post can be found here. I had said in it that I had written a large update in regards to Club activities and SM that would be going in the Yearbook and on our National site. Our National Club site is currently down for rebuilding and I'd expect it will remain that way for sometime. All members should now have received their yearbooks.

I would now like to share with visitors to this blog that update. Our numbers and findings are very much in line with other statistics taken.

As time and research move forward, Syringomyelia is fast becoming no longer *just* a Cavalier issue. It is being increasingly being found as a severe issue in many other breeds. I can only hope that the damage done to our breeds reputation can help other breeds move forward in the research and understanding of the Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia.


Written by: Mary Beth Squirrell on behalf of the CKCSCC Health and Education Committee

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada has much to be proud of for its overall commitment to MRI scanning and Syringomyelia research. The strong evidence of this commitment to Cavalier health is greatly seen by the participation of Club members in our low cost MRI breed screening initiatives at Matheson Blvd. Veterinary Services, and in the completion of Dr. Wolfe’s research study on Syringomyelia at the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph.

The Syringomyelia research study in partnership with Dr. Wolfe and the Ontario Veterinary College started at the end of 2007. Dr. Wolfe has now completed her thesis project and a copy has been given to the Club regarding her findings. Her thesis is entitled Transcranial Magnetic Motor Evoked Potentials, Somatosensory Evoked Potentials, Spinal Evoked Potentials and Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials in Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dogs With and Without Syringomyelia. A partial presentation of Dr. Wolfe’s thesis was presented to many Club members on June 19th 2010 at a Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario meeting at the home of Lang and Norma Moffat.

All of those who were in attendance were treated to a wonderful, clearly laid out presentation by Dr. Wolfe’s on her thesis project. Her thesis unfortunately did not yield the results she was hoping for, however her presentation gave a lot of information and added clarity to a very complex and hard to understand disease. Many came away from her presentation having a better understanding of what Syringomyelia is. Dr. Wolfe is the first one to acknowledge that are many questions and a lot of unknowns regarding Syringomyelia. With time and added research we hope more is learned in the future.

We send our grateful thanks to Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Poma, Dr. Nykamp, and the Ontario Veterinary College for all their hard work, and appreciation given to our cavaliers. We thank them for their active participation regarding Syringomyelia research and hope that sometime in the future we may be able to work again on another research study involving our cavaliers.

More recently we have been working in partnership with Jane Sykes and Matheson Blvd. Veterinary Services in Mississauga, Ontario. It is hard to believe that the partnership between our Club and MBVS for providing lower cost MRI’s to breeders has been up and running for well over a year and a half. What started as doing only a few scans as a favour has grown into arguably the best low cost MRI initiative for breeders in North America and, quite possibly, anywhere in the world. The quality of the images is second to none. There have been many Cavalier King Charles Spaniels scanned and the program itself is growing in popularity as breeders become more and more interested in having an MRI done on their breeding stock.

At the end of 2009 our findings were the following. These stats include all of our dogs that were scanned at the Ontario Veterinary College for Dr. Wolfe’s research, and at Matheson Blvd. Veterinary Services including our over six scanning project .
One hundred and eleven Cavalier King Charles Spaniels were scanned of various ages ranging between one year of age and thirteen and a half years of age. Out of those scanned here is their breakdown of grades as provided by MBVS and OVC. As stated, they are combined together.

Chart of Combined Findings for the end of 2007, till 2009. Combined from OVC and MBVS.

Grade Definition
A - 30 Clear of SM on MRI.
C - 14 Clear of SM on MRI but under 2.5 yrs of age
D - 39 Clinical evidence of SM on MRI, no physical symptoms present.
E - 4 Clinical evidence of SM on MRI, no physical symptoms present. Under 2.5 years of age.
F - 24 Clinical evidence of SM on MRI, physical symptoms present on exam or documented history.

This year to date we have held three clinics with a total of 25 dogs scanned. We have had Cavaliers come from all over Canada with several coming from British Columbia and the majority from Ontario. We have also had several visitors come make use of our MRI scanning program from the United States. By the time this is published another clinic will have been held with 13 dogs participating. Our goal is to hold a monthly date for breeding dogs; however that does not always happen due to numbers.

In order for a clinic to be scheduled I must have a minimum of six dogs ready and committed to go for an MRI. Clinic days can be held during the week or on a Saturday depending on the needs of those wanting a scan and the schedule at MBVS. Depending on the date, large numbers of dogs can be arranged at once. It is often hectic and hard to arrange, however in the end we always end up with a date and things tend to move very smoothly.

Our great thanks and appreciation is given to Jane Sykes, Dr. Suhk Paul and all of Jane’s staff at Matheson Blvd. Veterinary Services. We also would like to give a huge thank you to Dr. Janice Mitchell for providing our neurological exams on almost all of our clinic days. On the days that she was unable to make it Dr. Suhk Paul graciously stepped in. They love our cavaliers, and take wonderful care of them while they are undergoing their MRI’s. The images MBVS provides are some of the clearest you will receive anywhere in the world. The machine used for our MRI’s is a 1.5 Tesla in strength. Not many places have access to this type of machine including many Neurologists and Specialists in the United States and Europe.

As a recent change to our scanning scheme we will no longer be doing physical neurological exams on breeding dogs that are being MRI’d. This means that your report will NOT include a letter grading, however it will include all the information needed in the report to make an educated breeding decision.
As most are aware new guidelines regarding MRI breed scanning, reporting, and breeding, are being arranged in the United Kingdom. We will be able to provide imaging for those interested in participating in the panel overseas.

Due to limited information and the guidelines for the proposed Estimated Breeding Value’s scheme not being released at the time of this report we will have to update you in the future. However we do know that regardless of the protocol’s decided in the United Kingdom our Health and Education Committee has voted to continue on our current path with regards to MRI’ing and working diligently here in Canada. This means that we will continue to offer scanning choices. A “mini” for lack of a better term which scans to thoracolumbar 2 and is much more comprehensive than the “mini’s” you are familiar with from the United Kingdom, or complete scan of the spinal cord or known to us as a “full body” scan. They will be read and reported on by Dr. Stephanie Nykamp. Whether you choose to participate in the eventual panel overseas, opt to do a full body scan or choose a slightly more affordable mini scan that will continue to be breeder choice.

For those wanting to make a significant contribution to research there has never been a better time. Right now the Cavalier breed is in desperate need of finding Cavaliers who are over six years of age and who scan clear of Syringomyelia. As part of an earlier initiative the CKCSCC partnered up in a joint initiative with Dr. Clare Rusbridge, Penny Knowler and For the Love of Ollie Fund, to partially fund and assist in scanning Cavaliers that were over the age of six years old. We’d like to thank the above mentioned for a large portion of the funding, and direction that was given regarding this initiative. Just as importantly we would like to send our great appreciation and sincere thanks to those who included their beloved “oldies” in this scanning research to find the gene.

Due to these very important contributions made here by our members significant progress has been able to be made on finding the genes for Syringomyelia and Chiari Malformation. Many of you travelled from great distances and it is always hard to put an older dog under anesthesia for any procedure. We thank all of those who helped organize, volunteer, and participate in our “Over six project.” The contributions made here for this scanning initiative are recognized around the world.

The CKCSCC continue to have very high hopes for the Genome project commonly referred to as ‘DNA for Healthy Cavaliers’ and have read the most recent release regarding “finding the gene” on Dr. Clare Rusbridge’s site. A clear explanation of this project is outlined on Dr. Rusbridge’s website. We are still in desperate need of finding these clear Cavaliers who are over the age of six. If you believe you have an over six that would be beneficial to this scheme please contact Mary Beth Squirrell or Karen Kennedy and we can assist you with additional information. Without these clear over sixes being scanned Genome research is at a standstill.

If you decide you wish to have your breeding dog screened for Syringomyelia please contact Mary Beth Squirrell at or at 905-636-1421. Our low cost initiative is open to breeders all over the world who would like to be scanned. Jane Sykes and her staff are very accommodating and willing to work out many different arrangements if needed.

Please remember that this scanning process is NOT for diagnostics. It is for breeding screening only. If you are a breeder and have a pet person who is looking to have a cavalier scanned they are welcome to go through MBVS directly. They unfortunately do not qualify for our low cost initiative at this time. A diagnostic scan is very different FROM a general breeding scan. If you yourself are in the unfortunate need of a diagnostic scan please contact Jane directly. At this time also be aware that you will be required to sign a waiver form stating that you understand that our low cost initiative is not for diagnostic purposes. A copy of that acknowledgement and agreement will be provided to you prior to your appointment date. It must be signed and dated and returned back to Mary Beth prior to your appointment date.

Jane Sykes is excellent to work with and as tempting as it is to go through her directly to arrange breeding screenings, it is much better for everyone involved to contact Mary Beth (myself) directly. Jane and her clinic are doing so much for our Cavaliers that any extra work put on Jane is strongly discouraged. All results as always are strictly confidential, and none will be given on the day of your MRI. At this time no data from our breeding screenings is going anywhere for research purposes with the exception being Cavaliers over the age of six who scan clear of SM. If and when new research and data is needed owners will be informed and consents will be presented.

Our costs at this time remain the same.
$550.00 – Full body MRI scan
$450.00 – MRI scan to the Thoracolumbar 2
Up to $40.00 for a pre anesthetic blood profile. * price based on MBVS pricing; you may have to pay more at your local clinic.

Additional information regarding pricing for the EBV Panel based in the United Kingdom will be given at a later date.

At this time also be advised that we have moved to a deposit in order to hold your spot. When you send your application to Mary Beth include a cheque made out to Matheson Boulevard Veterinary Services for $200.00.

Unfortunately we have run into trouble with people canceling at the last minute, not showing up, or being incredibly late. To hopefully counter some of these issues we felt a deposit was necessary. Please understand that our lower cost that is being given for our breeding dogs is based on the number of dogs that show up. A late cancellation that I am unable to fill in time greatly impacts the day and Jane’s staff. Her staff has to be paid their full salaries regardless if they scan one dog or six. The minimum number of dogs is set so that Jane’s expenses are covered through the fees. It has a HUGE impact on that bottom line if you cancel last minute, show up very late, or not show up without saying anything. In the event that any of those things happen your $200.00 deposit is non refundable and will be used by Matheson Boulevard Veterinary Services to cover the costs encountered due to you.

If you have any questions regarding this report, syringomyelia, or our low cost MRI scanning program please do not hesitate to contact me at You can also contact any other member of the CKCSCC Health and Education committee.

Joan Macintyre - Health Director
Karen Murray
Karen Kennedy
Peggy Wallace
Mary Beth Squirrell
Norma Moffat
Marianne Creary
Ann Chambers
Clare Pattison
Florence Saunders

Mylee's boyfriend Tyson getting ready to be imaged.

1.5 Tesla

All Stats Carefully Monitored

Ready to be imaged!

In Recovery, oxygen support, warm blankets, and a caring hand

Saturday, October 2, 2010

On the Belfountain Trail

As I start to become better at my photography the more I want to get out there and play with my camera! It really is some sort of constantly evolving beautiful sickness. The more you do, the more obsessive you become. I am loving every minute of it.

Thursday was one of those perfect days for taking pictures. Warm enough that you could have a t-shirt on and not freeze while hiking. Cool enough that the dogs were not over heating. Overcast enough so that your pictures turn out gorgeous. Just a beautiful fall day. Fall is my absolute favourite season of the year, and also the one that is the shortest. It always seems to go come and go so fast. This year I really want to try and take full advantage while it is here. With all the great places to visit around me there is no reason why not. So I decided we should go visit Belfountain to get some fresh air, exercise and take full advantage of my camera to hopefully get some beautiful shots.

Belfountain is very small community right on the Niagra Escarpment. Our destination; Belfountain Conservation Area.

Taken from
"There is plenty to see and do at Belfountain. A nature trail spans the river gorge using a suspension bridge and then winds along the steep sides of the Escarpment requiring steady feet and approximately 30 minutes to walk. A short distance downstream is the juncture of the West and main Credit Rivers, the scenic "Forks of the Credit" area. These can be reached by a rugged hike down into the valley along the Trimble Trail that will take you out of the Conservation Area. The Trimble Trail is not a loop and you will have to retrace your steps to return to the Conservation Area."


After a fairly short 45 minute drive through beautiful fall country side we arrived in Belfountain. The dogs like usual were besides themselves with joy. Most people could learn something from that! :)

We leashed them up and started to explore the beautiful scenery. Mylee of course was offering her opinion about how wonderful the day was in the form of her excited "yips" of happiness she makes when she is just overjoyed about something. It causes some funny looks from people nearby, but most of the time I enjoy seeing her so happy. It is quite the state. High pitched yips, with a little red tail flying back and forth a mile a minute. The trail wasn't too long or hard although steep in some spots. It was also a bit wet from the rain in the morning.

Mylee and Zo on arrival by the water fountain (before they were wet and muddy)

Take a walk with me?

On the Move! Hurry up and LETS GO. Enough with the pictures.


Spring fed river

A very happy Zozo

Seasons changing

The Climb up the Escarpment

Beautiful purple flowers

One of my favourite shots of the day. I love the reflection off the water.

One very happy little red dog!

After all was said and done I ended up with some tired, wet, muddy, very happy doggies. Mylee completed our wonderful trail walk by going for a dip in the stream fed pond. I think she planned on adding fish to her list of things she likes to hunt. ;) She really is a crazy little red dog sometimes!

I think next on our places to visit for the fall is Elora, ON. I hope every one is out there enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Happy trails to all!