Do you remember a while back I said I hoped to have something exciting to say in relation to the FTR? Well ... this is it ...

The Wellcome Trust are granting £400,000 (and yes, I have counted the zeros) for an Integrated Veterinary Training Fellowship over a period of six years. The candidate had her interview last week, and the news came through today. It's a very prestigious award for one of Dr McGonnell's students, and she, Dr McGonnell, Dr Holger Volk and Dr Albert Basson of King's College, London, will be involved in studying cerebellar growth.

So ... now you know. I know it sounds dry and possibly unexciting - as ever, it's possibly the way I tell them. But I can't stop smiling. Dr McGonnell is delighted and remarked on what a long way we've come since we started ... yes, we have.

And it's all down to those who've donated tissue. You know who you are. You know you deserve the gratitude for going that extra mile. You know you want to help the breed, and you know you're continuing to do it.