Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eyes open

One of my favourite developmental milestones is when puppies open their eyes and begin to experience the world around them.  I love watching them "see" for the first time. 

Everyone is doing well and getting cuter by the minute.  I can't stop looking at them, holding them, kissing them, snuggling them, you get the picture.  They are also incredibly hard to take photos of right now.  Little black moving blobs.  In the future I will trade puppy snuggles for anyone willing to help me with photos!

Not my ideal pictures to share of everyone but good enough for now.  I had to retake them three times and I'm still not happy with them!  I don't think they show them off as well as they could, but at least the cuteness is evident. 

In birth order...

 photo xray16days_zpsac0d14fe.jpg

Twister - my favourite photo out of the 300+ I took
 photo twister16days_zpsd9786d9d.jpg

 photo shooter16days_zps134a506f.jpg

Little Sabre, she's going to be a wild woman I think!  Feisty and sassy.. like her mother.
 photo sabre16days_zps2b9c2789.jpg

TeaLeaf or "Big T", not quite so huge anymore, her siblings are catching up
 photo tealeaf16days_zps5d3f9c98.jpg

And lastly, our beautiful Molly.  Being the fantastic mother that she is. 
 photo 13-4_zps769c412c.jpg

More photos as soon as I can recruit some volunteers to help me!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Molly's news

I know, I know.. I promised to share show pictures of Loki, Ebby, and Bucky at CFSO, and I will.  Molly however, is demanding that I share her news.  And since you just can't argue with a Princess, we'll share our show photos another time.

Yesterday, Molly presented us with 5 beautiful puppies.  She decided to do things completely the opposite of last time..

  • Day 58 delivery last time, day 63 this time.
  • Less than a 12 hour first stage labour last time, 24 hours this time.
  • 4 handsome fellas and 1 little girl last time, 4 beautiful girls and 1 little boy this time.

Every pregnancy is definitely different!

A tired but incredible little mom.
 photo day1-2_zpsd5c7dfb0.jpg

Can you find a puppy?  She likes them well covered, but somehow always knows exactly where everyone is.
 photo day1-1_zps24fa8a13.jpg

Our first born, X-Ray.  She made her appearance in the back of my good friend's car at just before 4:00am.  You do what you gotta do to try and get a puppy delivered!
 photo day1-xray_zps389b6625.jpg

Twister was born next, not long after arriving home.
 photo day1-twister_zps59e9f175.jpg

Next came our little fella Shooter.  Let's just say he earned his name honestly by his flying entrance into this world.
 photo day1-shooter_zps5a78aad0.jpg

Little Sabre was next.  She's the littlest at 4oz, but determined and feisty.
 photo day1-sabre_zpsed8ce6ec.jpg

Tealeaf arrived last, and after being up straight for over 24 hours I was so thrilled to see her.  She's the biggest at the moment but we'll see if that continues.
 photo day-tealeaf2_zps0b1649d8.jpg

We're trying to decide on a theme for this litter (for registration), but we're leaning on car songs.  The sire has a wonderful car name, and I think we're going to carry on that tradition.

Sooo what is your favourite song about cars?   This song is for sure on our list! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario's Annual Specialty Show, 2013

Another busy show weekend came and went.  Lots of preparation, planning, and work, led to another successful event by the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontario.  We are so fortunate to work with such a dedicated group!

Loki, Ebby, and Bucky got to participate in this year's show.  We have no major accomplishments to share, but we had a wonderful time and our young black and tans enjoyed their show experience.  I always enjoy seeing everyone, talking cavaliers, and in general just celebrating our beautiful breed. 

When you have three dogs to show, there doesn't leave much time for pictures.  I did manage to take a few, but they are of the Oldtimer's Fun Match right in the morning, and our specials class at the end of the day! 

Thankfully there were some other photographers there who managed to capture more of the day than I did. A very special thank you to Debbie, and Lisa (Wug Cavaliers) for sharing the photos they took of my dogs.  I'm going to share those in a separate post. 

For now, here is what the beginning and the end of the day looked like from behind my camera. We had a gorgeous sunny day with a breeze.  Perfect dog show weather aside from the squinty cavalier eyes! 

Does this handsome fellow remind you of anyone?
 photo cfso13-1_zps48412d58.jpg

He is Molly's father, and Loki, Bucky, and Ebby's grandfather!
 photo cfso13-2_zps41cb2e11.jpg

Best Oldtimer Male
 photo cfso13-3_zps69279898.jpg

Love this sweet face
 photo cfso13-4_zps6648cfe8.jpg

 photo cfso13-5_zps3a2da1ec.jpg

Tara - She is Sadie's Great Grandmother!
 photo cfso13-6_zps29d4a2fb.jpg

Cutest spectator ever
 photo cfso13-7_zps26c600e4.jpg

Beautiful black and tan.  We're partial around here
 photo cfso13-8_zps3d0edd77.jpg

 photo cfso13-11_zpsf7c9eb88.jpg

Very pretty blenheim
 photo cfso13-9_zpsea5016ed.jpg

 photo cfso13-10_zps2cf1d60f.jpg

Gorgeous boy
 photo cfso13-12_zps9f72095c.jpg

On the move
 photo cfso13-13_zps5151aa5b.jpg

Next major show on our list?  The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Canada's National Specialty Show being held in Cobourg, Ontario.