Thursday, August 29, 2013

Puppy pictures - 5 weeks old

I've had several people asking about puppy updates and new pictures.  The puppies are turning 7 weeks (how the heck did that happen so fast?) old tomorrow.  They are officially little dogs with their own wonderful temperaments.  We've had an endless stream of visitors and they definitely enjoy being the centre of attention.  Everyone is greeted with wagging happy tails, lots of kisses, and maybe some sharp puppy teeth too.  I desperately need to get some new photos of them, they are SO cute right now. 

Current photos though are going to have to wait.  Jen and I are off to the CKCSCC National in Cobourg tomorrow.  Bucky and Loki are entered in Sweepstakes tomorrow night, and will show on Saturday as well.  Right now I'm supposed to be finishing my sewing projects, packing my clothes, and  bathing my hairy boy, instead I decided to upload puppy pictures. 

These pictures were taken on one of their first trips outside.  They are barely 5 weeks old.

Handsome man
 photo shooter5w1_zps97224c2b.jpg

Toys are wonderful
 photo shooter5w2_zps186eb402.jpg

Being a puppy is hard work
 photo 5w11_zps33ac4c0d.jpg

Mom come in and feed us, we're starving!  (Molly still feels everyone needs to nurse at 7 weeks)
 photo 5w_9_zps234a39c7.jpg

Cute x 2
 photo 5w10_zps206bb6cf.jpg

I wonder what she's thinking?
 photo 5w_7_zpse07a5d2d.jpg

On the move
 photo 5w_1_zps98449b2d.jpg

Pretty girl
 photo 5w_2_zpsa296f264.jpg

This outside thing isn't so bad
 photo 5w_5_zps224bd139.jpg

I love my keys
 photo 5w_3_zpsea790286.jpg

Please let me out!
 photo 5w_6_zps15e0a9de.jpg

 photo kisses_5w_zps0e1fada4.jpg

Off to bath a stinky boy and find something to wear for the weekend.  Hope to see you in Cobourg!  If not, I will have some photos to share soon.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Annual Embee BBQ - 2013

We held our first Embee BBQ on the weekend where we invited all of our Embee family(those who have our dogs, are soon going to have one of our dogs, and those who we got our dogs from) to come and have a good time. We BBQ'd, ate cupcakes, played a lot of ball and frisbee, but mainly it was an excuse for us to see our puppies and their wonderful owners again. 

A fantastic time was had by all and we're looking forward to doing it again next year.

Thank you to those who were able to join us, and we're sorry we missed those who are too far away. We know that you would have loved to have been here if possible. (Calvin, Charlie, Boomer)

This post is very photo heavy so I apologize. 

A very special thank you to my sister for playing photographer for the day while my attentions were on everything else.  

Hansel came dressed to party with his adorable blue bow tie.
 photo bbq1_zps52c64e9e.jpg
Zoey's mom Jem had her party shoes on and showed all the young ones how ball is really played.  Jem is 10 but you'd never know it.
 photo bbq2_zps442602ec.jpg

Our always happy Zozo
 photo bbq3_zps91d4dff2.jpg

Allie was all partied out by the time she got to our BBQ.  She started partying the night before with her family.
 photo bbq4_zps01e05569.jpg

Mom (Jem) and Daughter (Zo), this photo means a lot to me
 photo bbq5_zpsd2821cbf.jpg

Molly giving her starving dog impression to the only person in the world who'd fall for it, my Mom
 photo bbq6_zpsa35dc503.jpg

Loki knows how to have a good time at a BBQ!  Chillin' in the shade.  I'm not sure who's chair he has stolen.
 photo bbq7_zpsef751b7c.jpg

Kismet's best friend Quinn hoping something magically falls from above
 photo bbq8_zps14f3e90a.jpg

Booster in his favourite spot, his Daddy's lap
 photo bbq9_zps75f25975.jpg

Kismet all grown up.  8-9lbs of pure spirit and sass. 
 photo bbq10_zpsc857a74a.jpg

A handsome smiley Bucky boy.  One of the few moments he sat still!  
 photo bbq12_zpsfa27d8c1.jpg

While I was preoccupied Mylee found herself a new lap to take over.  
 photo bbq13_zps51e19d7a.jpg

Ebby saw Mylee do it, so she found herself a lap too.  Molly is wondering who's lap she can get into!
 photo bbq14_zps3e36f215.jpg

Erik was kept very busy.  I count 10 in this photo waiting not so patiently for him to throw the frisbee!
 photo bbq15_zps79e4ee74.jpg

Hurry up!  
 photo bbq16_zps0bb604ee.jpg

The chase and retrieve.  Kismet and Booster look to be first on the scene in this photo
 photo bbq17_zps964398b3.jpg

Bucky and his beloved ball.  Who cares about frisbee when there is a ball around?
 photo bbq18_zpsa047b403.jpg

Again! Again!
 photo bbq19_zps82980076.jpg

Booster took advantage of the doggy pool
 photo bbq20_zpse381f90c.jpg

Beautiful sweet Meshi
 photo bbq11_zpsac2049c7.jpg

Mylee is bbq'd out!
 photo bbq30_zps69b32349.jpg

The puppies enjoyed all the visitors
 photo bbq22_zpse5968ddb.jpg

We love visitors!
 photo bbq21_zpse2c42df8.jpg

Everyone loved us too
 photo bbq29_zps7c60abf2.jpg

The loot bags were a hit
 photo bbq24_zpsd34f7a86.jpg

Mother(Molly) and Son(Bucky), do you think they look alike?  
 photo bbq25_zps816b95ea.jpg

Zozo still loves Charlie
 photo bbq26_zps971128d7.jpg

Molly wants her loot bag
 photo bbq27_zpsd352e58f.jpg

Hansel and his girlfriend Crystal
 photo bbq28_zpsb6413158.jpg

Our beautiful Kismet
 photo kismet14months_resized_zps05b8d911.jpg

Enough bbq for one day, time for sleep.

 photo bbq23_zpsb2951b89.jpg

Thank you to those who were able to come to our BBQ, we hope to see you next year! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our superstars - The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by Graydon Sheppard

A few months ago my dogs were involved in a video shoot with director Graydon Sheppard and his team.  The video was for Nowness, a creative community for crafting and showcasing exceptional work and a point of reference for leaders in media and style.  A film crew invaded my home and spent a wonderful and fun day with our dogs. 

Mylee especially thought that the film crew showed up entirely for her.  She became the star of the show, they even changed the script just for her! 

We're very proud to have been a part of this wonderful short film on our breed.  The crew did a fantastic job at showcasing our royal spaniels, and as you can tell by the video they really enjoyed working with our Cavaliers. 

Let us know what you think and feel free to share it!

Pure Breeds: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Film starring: Mylee, Zoey, Loki, Bucky, Booster (Jen's beautiful blenheim boy), and a mini appearance by Ebby's brother Charlie

Friday, August 9, 2013

Picture Mishmash

Not much to write today but I do have some pictures to share!

 photo 3w-1_zpsb0671115.jpg

 photo 3w-2_zps0e0c9463.jpg

Can I give you a hug?
 photo 3w-4_zpsd1d52c36.jpg

My fox is the best
 photo 3w-5_zps5bd8d68b.jpg

Sabre is so cute
 photo 3w-6_zps3dbcc6f4.jpg

Handsome boy
 photo 3w-7_zps652182e0.jpg

More pictures?
 photo 3w-8_zps7a185bf6.jpg

Our Molly
 photo 3w-3_zps24bbcbab.jpg

Loki - almost 14 months old, still very hairy
 photo 3w-10_zps1036b4f4.jpg

Bucky, all ready for this weekend's show
 photo bucky_miltonshow_blog_zps7eba1363.jpg