Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Catching up

In the time since I last blogged a lot has been going on in our dog world.

  • We've had tons of wonderful visitors helping us socialize the puppies.
  • I've went to a couple puppy evaluation parties, and saw lots of adorable and very promising Cavalier babies.  
  • I coordinated an MRI clinic where we scanned 8 Cavalier breeding potential dogs for chiari malformation and syringomyelia, including Loki. 
  • I volunteered all day at our annual heart and eye clinic, and everyone that was due in this house for heart/eye checks had their cardiology and ophthalmology exams completed. 
And I'm having some fun with my new toy, a new little lens for my camera.  That means yes finally.. new pictures.

My first victim with my new lens was Loki.  He had incredible MRI results to celebrate, and it was time to get an updated picture for his page.  My little man has grown up a lot.
 photo d51892eb-9a7f-4fe7-b49e-a33911f7f7de_zps38859582.jpg

Nika's puppies turn 6 weeks old tomorrow.  They are at their ultra adorable, starting to get into mischief stage. 

Today, they had their first adventure outside.  It was a short one because even though it was sunny, there was a lot of shivering going on!  With some help from Loki they were all running around having a wonderful time.  He takes his job of teaching puppy play very seriously, I think he really wishes he could be a mom!  

Comet, be prepared to melt with the cuteness
 photo comet6weeks3_blog_zps3f14283c.jpg

Melted yet?
 photo comet6weeks_blog_zps4401437d.jpg

How about now?
 photo comet6weeks2_blog_zps9b88a3e0.jpg

Dottie loves to pose and I could take pictures of her sweet face all day!
 photo dottie6weeks3_blog_zps3678ef44.jpg

She's little but feisty
 photo dottie6weeks2_blog_zps798ac2a2.jpg

With eyes like this she can have whatever she wants
 photo dottie6weeks_blog_zps2dbbf624.jpg

Our sweet Tiger, he gives the best kisses, in between his puppy bites! 
 photo tiger6weeks_blog_zps816d2c72.jpg

Handsome boy Skip thought it was a bit too cold out for a little man
 photo skip6weeks_blog_zps4bdfc9f1.jpg

Beautiful boy, he is a very confident but laid back kind of puppy
 photo skip6weeks2_blog_zpse3bde45d.jpg

Our Rodeo girl.  I'm having a heck of a time getting a decent picture of this little one.  She loves to be on the move, and my hired help is a horrible photography assistant. He needs to be fired and replaced.  ;)  Tomorrow I will employ our puppy visitors instead.  
 photo rodeo6weeks_blog_zps29b2c76c.jpg

Sadie is a fantastic mommy, I hope to get pictures of all her redheads next.  They are up on their feet and trying to get going. 
 photo sadie50mm_blog_zpsa0f766ba.jpg

Nika, looking a bit (ok very) bald these days.  I'm going to make her some pajamas.
 photo nika50mm_blog_zpsdfe8f946.jpg

And last but not least, my Mylee.. I know you shouldn't play favourites but I can't help it, this girl is my world
 photo mylee50mm_blog_zpsba4dd35b.jpg

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Much to be thankful for

On this holiday Thanksgiving weekend we have much to be thankful for.

Beautiful puppies
Healthy mothers
and Wonderful owners

It's been both a fantastic and sad two weeks around here. 

We welcomed Sadie's first litter into the world.  Sadie has proven to be an excellent mother.  She whelped incredibly easily and adores her babies.  We have four beautiful ruby puppies that we are eager to watch develop and grow.  Her owner and I couldn't be more proud of her. 

Some people will be quick to say "WHAT?! More puppies?"  Yes, we have more puppies.  Yes, it was a very well planned and carefully decided upon.  Yes, Sadie has all her health testing completed.  Yes, the sire does too. Yes, we are thrilled with them.  AND Yes, they are all spoken for.

We also had to say a very sudden goodbye to Nika's little tri girl Starburst.  One day I will write about what it is really like to be a breeder.  The sleepless nights, the worry, and the heartbreak. No matter how you look at it though, you  just don't expect to lose a puppy at 2.5 weeks.  She was our little one that I spent all of those 2.5 weeks worrying about, supplementing, and doing the best I could for.  I don't blame myself but it doesn't change the fact that I'm just so sad over it.

Our beautiful Sadie Lady looking after her puppies
 photo th1_zpsb72cff09.jpg

Introducing; Sam, Mats, Gus, and Astrid

Sam wasn't being too co-operative about photos. I can already tell that these little ones are going to be incredible athletes like their mother. 
 photo th5_zps13240e70.jpg

Mats, any Leaf fans out there?  With a Swedish father it just seemed appropriate!
 photo th2_zpsb15c0536.jpg

Gus, handsome little dude!
 photo th4_zps0d822d9b.jpg

and the princess of the group, Astrid
 photo th3_zps3ab010f7.jpg

Nika's puppies are SO cute right now.  They are beginning to toddle around, growl, and interact with each other.  They just made the move down into our living room, so anyone who visits will be greeted by adorableness.

Comet, does it get cuter?
 photo th6_zpsc03b2ac8.jpg

Dottie, so pretty
 photo th7_zpsa4bdfcee.jpg

 photo th8_zpsef953b62.jpg

Manly boy Skip, definitely ALL boy
 photo th9_zps21fe61d5.jpg

Tiger, not looking very fierce
 photo th10_zps75dee26c.jpg

Wild woman Rodeo, still wild.. and gorgeous
 photo th12_zps674f0e18.jpg

 photo th11_zpsa13c4440.jpg

Miss Puff left on her new adventure Friday, she is living with my brother and sister inlaw.  Her name is really Cocoa but Puff was added, and from there... well you get Miss Puff!  We hope to show her a bit in conformation.  She has been to a few handling classes already and seems to be a natural.  Too smart for her own good.
 photo th14_zps71558bd3.jpg

And Mr. Handsome himself, Shooter
 photo th16_zps4f2e9408.jpg

 photo th13_zps58b5fdca.jpg

And one last picture..our pretty boy Loki.  I miss my stinky snuggle buddy. He's still on vacation and will be coming home on Monday.
 photo th15_zps19791ead.jpg

Have a wonderful long Thanksgiving weekend Canada.  I just enjoyed a cup of tea and a slice of yummy pumpkin spice bread that a wonderful Cavalier family brought today while visiting.  Cavalier people are the very best kind.