Thursday, March 6, 2014

When you can't win, join in

There is only one way to beat the winter blues, get out and have some fun... even if the snow is over your head.

Stretch girl!
 photo sn3_zpsdf6d7eb0.jpg

Loki is our brave snow diver, he'll charge through the drifts to get to pretty much anything
 photo sn11_zps9569def6.jpg

I got it!
 photo sn1_zpsd157109c.jpg

So proud of himself, what a silly happy face
 photo sn9_zps77647f0e.jpg

Zozo says, let me in on the action too!
 photo sn5_zps83d648a2.jpg

Our pretty frisbee loving girl
 photo sn4_zps9f432a36.jpg

Snow everywhere, but LOOK at his beautiful topline and neck
 photo sn2_zps9d42e771.jpg

This is hard work!
 photo sn13_zps6a1389ff.jpg

Flying black and tan boy
 photo sn6_zps9d08eeca.jpg

Looking and feeling very proud of himself
 photo sn10_zps966430a0.jpg

Our pretty Momma didn't want to join in, I can't blame her
 photo sn8_zps1a9bec9a.jpg

Please let me in
 photo sn14_zps9068c609.jpg

I've got little ones to look after!
 photo sn12_zpse74a5c6e.jpg

We've celebrated and introduced Molly's puppies to some important Canadian winter sports
 photo gocanada_xandra_zpsc649e48b.jpg

Worked really hard to get eyes open in time to watch the game
 photo eyeonyou_zps54d5e4c6.jpg

Mastered it!
 photo mw3-2_zps6917d1c9.jpg

Now we're working on adorable factor
 photo mw3-4_zps6a5fa043.jpg

But I don't think that is going to take long,
 photo mw3-1_zps55933e8d.jpg

To more adventures ahead.

Also check out Our Family page that is now live.  So proud of our puppies! 

ps: we need some more pictures to add to the gallery ;)